About the Service

SAMEER Centre for Electromagnetics Electromagnetic Compatibility requirements has been a major hurdle in the product development for many industries. The lack of proper understanding and knowledge about the EMC complicates the problem. At the center we extend our service to the customers to achieve electromagnetic compatibility for their products. Our Engineers who have vast knowledge and long years of experience in the field helps to detect and solve the EMC related problems. Also you can exploit the use of state-of-the-art test facilities and debugging tools available at the center.

Although the industry awareness of electromagnetic interference and compatibility (EMI/EMC) issues has been increasing in the recent years, many designers still wait until the late stages of the product development process to test their designs for EMC. The product is mostly tested during the certification stage. Till the time the designers mainly concentrate on functionality aspects of the product, ignoring the EMI/EMC aspects. At this stage, when the product release is nearby, unfortunately, problems uncovered at that point are often difficult and expensive to fix. A much better approach is to consider EMC right from the start, by incorporating protection against EMI into a new product early in the design process. The earlier a designer addresses these issues, the more options are available and the less it costs to modify the design. For example, careful circuit board design can minimize the emissions and even can eliminate the need for shielding in embedded control designs. This is where SAMEER-CEM offers its help to the indusry. We associate with the design enginners in every stage of the product design to ensure that the problems due to the EMI/EMC are kept at the minimum. With the experiance gathered over the years and test and debugging tools, the EMI/EMC requirements for the product can be met easly.

SAMEER-CEM also helps to fix the EMI/EMC problems on the final product. The products that have failed to qualify for the EMI/EMC requirements can avail the SAMEER-CEM expertise to solve the problem in a time bound manner. It is required to have the previous test results for availing the service.

The charges for the design services depend on the failure levels, the compliance standard and the product and is decided by the service review committee after having a meeting with the client.