About the facility

SAMEER Centre for Electromagnetics offers EMI Test & Measurement Services as per various National, International and Vendor Specific Standards. The facilities are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited. The laboratories are equiped with state-of-the-art facilities for the EMI EMC evaluation services. The test instrumentations are constantly upgraded to meet the latest editions of the test standards.

The test setups are organised into conducted and radiated immunity as well as emission Laboratories

The radiated test facility consists of a shielded semi-anechoic chamber supporting 10-meter measurements. The facility includes an automated turntable and an antenna mast supporting a 1 to 4 m height scan. CCTV monitoring facilities are provided to monitor the equipment performance during the tests. Equipment having a weight of up to 3 ton and having a volume within 3-meter diameter and 2-meter height can be accommodated inside the chamber for testing. This is sufficient to accommodate small 4 wheeler vehicles. When commissioned in 2005, this was a unique facility in the country offering 10m commercial EMI measurements. Both Immunity and emission measurements can be carried out up to 18GHz. Power Frequency Magnetic Field Immunity Test and Radiated Power disrurbance Test Facilities are also available at the laboratory.

The conducted immunity laboratory is equipped with generators for the tests like conducted RF and various types of transients such as Surge, EFT, Damped Osc. ESD etc. The laboratory has also the facilities for Pulse Magnetic Field and Damped Oscillatory Magnetic Field Immunity Test.
Facilities for Conducted Transient Pulses testing as well as Bulk current injection per various Automotive Standards are also available. The conducted emission laboratory has the facility for carrying out Conducted RF Emisson, Harmonics and Flicker Emission, Conducted trasient Emission etc.

With these facilities, tests as per most of the commonly followed civilian standards under IEC, EN, CISPR, FCC, ISO, SAE, BIS etc can be carried out at the center

The centre has also got the facility for carrying out various Automotive EMI EMC tests. When it comes to the automotive sector the standard and specification for the tests are different from other commercial standards and we are equipped with the test generators and other test setups to carry out such tests. As Chennai and its neighbourhoods houses a lot of automotive industries, these facilities are extensively used by the customers.