About the facility

SAMEER Centre for Electromagnetics offers 17025 accredited calibration services for EMI/EMC Measuring & Test Equipment. With the experiance and expertise in the domain of EMI/EMC and RF measurements, the centre established the laboratory initialy as an in-house calibration facility, as at the time there were no facilitied in the country capable of calibrating the parameters for the highly specialised requirements of EMC Test & Measurement Equipment. With the facilities established and the expertise build-up, the facility was opened up for external customers. The calibration laboratory is NABL 17025 accredited with the facility to calibrate most of the commonly used M&TE for EMC applications.

Our Capabilities

Calibration Facilities @ SAMEER-CEM

RF / Frequency Domain

  • antenna EMI Test Receiver
    • Display error of Detectors with Pulses, Display error of Detectors 
    • with Sinusoidal Signals, Return loss / VSWR
  • Antenna
    • Antenna Factor (ANSI C63.5 / SAE ARP), Return loss/VSWR
  • Conducted RF Test System
    • Harmonics Level (upto 3rd), Gain, AM Depth, Level Accuracy, Error of Monitor
      input/forward power meter / Reverse power meter, Frequency Accuracy
  • RF Field probe
    • RF Field in the range 80 MHz to 6 GHz
  • Semi Anechoic Chamber
    • 16-point Field uniformity as per IEC 61000-4-3, Shielding  Effectiveness
      (Magnetic & Electric Field / Plane Wave), Normalized Site Attenuation, SVSWR
  • Signal Generator
    • Level Accuracy, Frequency Accuracy, Harmonics Level(upto 3rd Harmonics), AM Depth
  • RF Power Amplifier
    • Gain, Harmonics Level (upto 3rd Harmonics), I/P port Return loss(VSWR)  
  • Impedance Stabilization Network
    • LCL, Decoupling of Common Mode Disturbance, Voltage Division Factor
  • Line Impedance Stabilization Network
    • Isolation, Impedance, Phase angle
  • Directional Coupler / SWR Bridge
    • Directivity, Coupling Factor/ Coupling Loss
  • Coupling & Decoupling Network
    • Decoupling of Common Mode Disturbance, Impedance, Voltage Division Factor
  • EM Clamp
    • Coupling Factor / Coupling Loss
  • Transient Limiter, Attenuator, Cable
    • Return loss (VSWR), Insertion Loss / RF Attenuation
  • Pre-Amplifier
    • Gain, Return loss (VSWR)
  • Bulk Current Injection Probe
    • Insertion Loss/    RF Attenuation
  • EM Clamp
    • Coupling Factor / Coupling Loss

Transients / Time Domain

  • Electrical Fast Transient Test System
    • Voltage Amplitude, Voltage Front Time, Voltage Pulse Width, Current Amplitude, Current Front Time, Current Pulse Width
  • High Energy / Telecom Surge Test System
    • Voltage Amplitude, Voltage Front Time, Voltage Pulse Width, Current Amplitude,
      Current Front Time, Current Pulse Width
  • Electrostatic Discharge Generator
    • First Peak Current, Rise Time , Current @ t1, Current @ t2 ns
  • Damped Oscillatory & Ring Wave Generator
    • Voltage Amplitude, Rise Time, Oscillation Frequency (Period),
      Repetition Rate, Current amplitude
  • Voltage Dips & Interruption Generator
    • Output Voltage at no load, Dips / interruption Time
  • Automotive Transient Generator
    • Amplitude with & without Load, Rise Time, Pulse Width